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May 3, 2013
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MA App - Cepheus the Hellhound by Maipee-Chan MA App - Cepheus the Hellhound by Maipee-Chan

    Name: Cepheus

    Glamor Name: Lucien Knightwood ( He will only use this name OUTSIDE of the Academy )

    Age: 217

    Glamor age: 19

    Monster type/species: Hellhound

    Natural weapons: Teeth, claws and tail ( used as a type of whip ) in his Monster form

    Trained weapons:

    - Has two types of " daggers "; custom made to take on the similarity of his Monster Form. They are shown in the Application. He only sometimes takes these around with him; keeping them hooked into the sides of his belt and concealed by his jacket.

    - Boots, with a type of " spike " at the front of them. You definitely do not want him to kick you with these.

    Grade: Freshman

    Favorite class: M.P.E.(Monster physical education)

    Worst class: Human Studies ( he just lacks in interest of it haha )


    - A cold atmosphere ( e.g. during Winter season or just cold nights/mornings ) makes him feel weakened and vulnerable.

    - Sunlight hurts his eyes a bit; or rather, gives him a headache. Therefore he tends to stay indoors; unless he has to go outside for M.P.E, then he will. Just that the sun will annoy him; and he may just stick to any shaded areas ( trees etc ). Or he will wear sunglasses.

    - Water. Warm/hot water makes him weak and vulnerable ( e.g whenever he has to take a shower.. he will go straight to bed after having one ). Cold water, however, burns him as if it was hot. It also leaves him very weak. Same thing goes for anything else that is cold; ice, cold skin from another etc.

    Major Skills:

    - 3 times strength and speed than that of a normal being

    - Skillful in the use of his dagger-like weapons

    Minor Skills:

    - Able to create and wield fire; but can only better control/create it when in Monster Form ( also; his clothing is not fire resistant haha. Except for his jacket ).

    - Hand-to-hand close combat ( still needs practice )

    Personality: With a soothing, yet dull-toned voice; Cepheus is what most would call " emotion-less ". And boy, do they know how right they are.
    Cepheus really does lack in emotions; his expression always being that of a constant frown or a dull stare. He does not understand emotions; rather thinking that they are pointless/useless; what with there being many different varieties of them. In fact, he doesn't know most of the basic things in life. That's where his curious, but cautious side will come in. If he needs to know something, he will either ask or go find a book about it. Experiencing it, however, is not his forte'. He would much rather know about an emotion rather than " experiencing " it.
    He can have a bit of a short temper, though. Which is kind of expected from a Hellhound that is a Guard Dog. Even a small, harmless thing would make him cautious and suspicious. Like a bunny, for example. If it bounced towards him, he would think it was charging at him. And would probably set it on fire.
    He is also known to just.. walk away from someone/a certain situation. It's his way of showing that he really doesn't care. If there is a fight/battle, however, he may stick around.. wether to watch or lend a hand. So he can be /helpful/ when he wants to be..
    He can... have a nice side at times. Depending on the situation and who he is with, however. During a chance like this, the other may get a glimpse of him smiling weakly. And there will always be times when he is like a closed book with a lock on it. He always has his guard up; both mentally and pysically. He will not allowed anyone in.. to learn his anger, sadness, happiness etc. He is not fond of opening up to others. He has only ever opened up to one person.. who does not attend the Acdemy anymore.

    Character's Background: Serving as one of the many Hellhound Guard Dogs for the Greek God of the Underworld ( Hades ); Cepheus was exiled from the Underworld after failing to do his duty of keeping watch over a Graveyard.

    Having walked the Earth that we know of today for merely a year ( meaning he served in the Underworld for just 216 years ); he encountered a Demon amongst the way. Not liking the Demon at first; Cepheus slowly began to become " accustomed " to their presence. It was later that the Demon mentioned the Monster Academy; a place for those who are Mystical Creatures etc.

    Although the Demon was not going to attend, Cepheus decided to take this opportunity. Especially since he needed somewhere to " belong "; and to learn more of this mortal world.

    As of today, Cepheus really has... lacked in his studies. He hasn't passed any of them; nor started/finished any assingments. He has been at the Acdemy for over a year now; and has only just realised.. that he needs to get his act together. He wants to be able to leave the grounds and walk amongst the towns. He wants to visit-- one important. That story can remain a mystery for now..


    Flint is a little flame that Cepheus acidentally created. Not liking the small creature at first- nor being able to figure out what it/he was... He was going to destroy him; but a few of the other students convinced him not to.
    Flint's flamed body changes colour depending on his mood; sometimes how Cepheus is feeling aswell. Flint is always shy around girls.
    He is small and fits inside of a pocket within Cepheus's jacket; though he is able to make himself a little bigger. Big around to fit into the palms of someone's cupped hands. He is really nice and sweet; always liking to explore and make new friends. He needs to eat a lot of coal everyday in order to stay " alive ".
    He and Cepheus are also " connected " in a way; due to the situation that Cepheus had created Flint. There can be times when they sense where or what is wrong with the other; no matter how far apart they are.

    Points so far: 4800

Old App --->

[UPDATE] I... I-I got a Daily Deviation...? Ahhh, thank you! This was so unexpected! :iconpapcryplz: [/UPDATE]

App (c) MonsterAcademy
Art (c) Maipee-Chan
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