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December 18, 2012
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WC App - Henry Whodini by Maipee-Chan WC App - Henry Whodini by Maipee-Chan

NOTE: The ones in bold are Corrupted Henry's Bio

Name:</u> Henry - Corrupted Henry
Nickname/s:</u> Hatter - Tentacle man
Age:</u> Appears 22; though could possibly be much older.. - Same
Gender:</u> Male - Same
Species:</u> Living Toy - Unknown ( was once thought to be a Shade of sorts )
Profession:</u> Owner/Ringleader - Illusionist
Height:</u> 6' 3'' - Same
Personality:</u> What is your Character like?
History:</u> Created just a few years ago, Henry Whodini was just an ordinary, one of a kind toy from a Factory. He was owned by a boy; until one day, he was thrown away like garbage. Unable to remember what happened after that, he and his hat Hatty find themselves to be alive and humanized.
What Henry doesn't know, however, is that he /was/ once Human... a long time ago. His soul was suddenly bounded to the toy; and all of his past memories were gone. Replaced by the ones from when he was a toy. He has had a few flashbacks; but even those aren't enough for him to remember.

Finding that his hat had a large hunger for meat, he fed people to Hatty. The months of ripping and shredding and killing people drove Henry mad; and it was only during a brief moment of sanity did he realize that this all needed to be controlled. So he mentally put the mask of a gentleman on; forcing away his more crazier-side locked away into his mind behind a door. But even still, Hatty's hunger was the next problem to control.
So Henry went to work at a Toy Store; surrounded by other Living Toys like himself ( and demons, witches etc ). At first his job was to collect body parts; which was great, because then he could feed Hatty at the same time. But there was blood involved, and it made him uncomfortable. To the point where he was going mad again. So he left the Store.

During this time, he was confronted by an old man in an alley way in town. The man claimed that he could unlock a secret power within. Henry refused; but Hatty accidentally giggled in agreement before him. They both become Corrupted; darker-halves of themselves. They traveled around causing chaos and madness; before an unknown sorceress locked both Corrupted Henry and Hatty away into Henry's mind. Locked behind a larger door with 6 chains and a giant lock.

A few months later he returned; this time as a Designer. Hatty's hunger was finally under control, and he was able to work in a comforting atmosphere. It was also during this time that he met the Living Doll, Kaspar. At first he just saw her as a close friend; but over time they started to develop feelings. After a while and away from any eaves droppers, he asked her to be his girlfriend. And she agreed.

Alas, almost soon after, Henry started having...problems. Mentally. He would try to sile and say he was fine, but it was obvious that he wasn't. This wasn't good, as it was making the chains to the larger door in his mind break away one by one. Until finally, his Corrupted Self was free to take control.
Confronting him in his darkest time, Kaspar somehow managed to strike a deal with Corrupted Henry. A Contract was made, and signed; that Henry's darker-half was to stop trying to kill people and take control over Henry without permission. He had access to leaving Henry's mind and body to create a solid form of himself from shadows; but it takes a lot of energy out of him. The door is still in Henry's mind, but with no chains, nor is it locked. He must also aid to Kasper or Henry's needs when told/asked to.
However, Kaspar failed to mention that he had to stop entering her dreams and twisting them into nightmares..

Not long after, Henry used the money he had been saving for years and brought himself a train; customizing it up to work as a Traveling Circus. Taking Kaspar with him, they both set off to find Staff and Members who were willing to join their family.

Whether they found the Circus, or the Circus found them.

Likes:</u> What do they love?
Dislikes:</u> What do they despise?
Additional Information:</u> Anything else we need to know about your Character?

Will also shade them when I get the time~

(c) Maipee-Chan
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angelmermaid Sep 1, 2013  Student General Artist
I keep forgetting how attractive this guy is <:I
Kittrex Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He looks awesome. I wanna join this group too. :meow:
Duuuude! Gimme your hat! *kidnaps/steals Hatty*

Btw, I think some of his info is missing. Likes, dislikes, Additional Info? o3o
Just-Anothr-Fan Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THIS MAN IS SO BEAUTIFUL! *sawbs and hugs*

Marlow: Hello Boss~ How are you~? And you Hatty~?
I still see no likes and dislikes or addictional information LAFFS

NaughtyMaifinishyourapp. :iconpetpetplz:
SuperLazy7 Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
corrupted henry ohohohoho :iconlazyinviteplz://bricked
With those yellow gloves of his, I keep seeing him as a house wife who cleans up the house. I don't know why. But asfaf HE'S SO AMAZING.

You might want to fix that coding there e v e
---- //pictures house wife Henry :iconimsotiredplz:
YES. With Kas telling him to make her a sammich
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